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Pork Terrine With Green Fig And Pistachio

Prep Time20 minsCook Time4 hrsTotal Time4 hrs 20 mins

A fabulous make-ahead starter or party treat!

Terrine Fillings
 500 g Good quality pork mince or sausage meat
 300 g Smoked or regular pork rashers, finely diced
 1 Large onion, sautéed and cooled
 60 ml Brandy
 50 g Pistachios
 10 ml Thyme
 1 Bay leaf, finely chopped
 1 Clove garlic, crushed
 5 ml Ground fennel
 10 ml Ground coriander
 2.50 ml Black pepper
 5 ml Fine sea salt or any salt
 1 Extra large egg
 250 g Free-range chicken or pork liver
 6 Whole green figs preserved in syrup, patted dry
 200 g Streaky smoked bacon
For serving
 Toasted baguettes, pickles, radishes

Place all the ingredients for the filling except the liver in a large bowl.


Blitz the livers in a food processor until roughly pureed then add to the filling and mix everything together really well.


Refrigerate for an hour so that the flavours can develop.


Preheat the oven to 150°C .


Line a 25 cm loaf pan with foil and then lay the bacon strips over, leaving a little to overlap and enclose the top of the terrine when folded over.


Press 1/2 of filling into the base and line the figs (pointy side down) in a row down the centre.


Carefully press the remaining filling around and over the figs to enclose them.


Fold over the overlapping bacon and cover the loaf pan tightly with two layers of foil.


Place the loaf in a roasting pan filled halfway with water.


Bake for 120 minutes or until internal temperature of the terrine reads 68°C on a thermometer.


Cool completely in the water bath.


Weigh the terrine down with a chopping board and food cans placed on top and refrigerate overnight before serving.


Serve at room temperature with toasts and pickles.