Let's eat Pork!

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Sticky Pork RashersWith versatile, value-for-money pork, there’s always new and exciting tastes to try. Impress your friends with this recipe at your next get together. Credit: The Gardner
FRIKADELLES WITH SWEET AND SPICY DIPPING SAUCESThe humble meatball, or frikadelle as they are known in SA, are a much loved classic. These pork mince frikadelles are juicy and delish – serve with sauces for dipping at your next gathering. Credit: Crush
Festive Dukkah Crusted GammonGlazed with honey mustard and then crusted with a deliciously aromatic nut dukkah, full of the flavours of the season in cinnamon, allspice, cloves and nutmeg. Credit: Crush
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