Panko Pork Neck Steaks with Green Salad And Herbed Crème Fraîche

Crunchy pork neck steaks with a fresh green salad, this dish works for lunch or supper in a flash. Credit: Crush Magazine

Prep Time20 minsCook Time30 minsTotal Time50 mins


Herbed Crème Fraîche
 250 g Crème fraiche
 A small handful of mint, chopped
 A small handful of basil, chopped
 A small handful of chives, chopped
 A squeeze of lemon juice
 Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
Pork Neck Steaks
 6 Pork neck steak
 500 ml Flour
 5 ml Garlic powder
 Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
 2 Eggs, beaten
 5 ml Panko crumbs
 Enough vegetable oil to shallow fry
Green Side Salad
 1 medium cucumber, peeled into ribbons
 1 Green apple, sliced into matchsticks
 100 g Sugar snap peas, sliced
 2 Spring onions, sliced thinly
 A handful of chives, chopped
 Pea shoots for garnish
 Olive oil to dress
 A squeeze of lemon
 Sea salt and freshly ground pepper



Herbed Crème Fraîche

Mix all the ingredients together and stir well to combine. Pop into the fridge until needed.

Pork Neck Steaks

Set out three bowls: one with flour, garlic, salt and pepper, another with beaten eggs and a third with Panko.


Using your left-hand dunk the pork one at a time into the flour then drop it into the egg.


Use your right hand to pull it out the egg and dunk it into the Panko. Use your left hand to coat the pork evenly in Panko.


Always keep one hand for dry ingredients and the other for wet.


Coat all the pork and let it rest on a rack for at least 15 minutes.


Preheat the oven to 180 ºC.


Set a large frying pan or cast iron pan over medium-high heat.


Add enough vegetable oil to shallow fry and heat the oil until it begins to shimmer.


Carefully fry the pork 2-3 pieces at a time for 2 minutes aside to create a golden crust.


Do not crowd the pan.


Place the golden pork onto an oven tray and finish in the oven for 10-15 minutes until the centre of the pork reaches 62 ºC.

Green Side Salad

For the salad, toss all of the ingredients together and drizzle with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice.


Season with salt and pepper and serve with crispy pork steaks and herby crème fraîche.