Happy Heritage! Let’s braai.

Happiness often starts with the words “let’s braai this weekend.” When we know there’s a braai around the corner, all the other stressful stuff starts fading away.
SA Pork
01 September 2021
The scrambling to get out the firelighters and braai tongs, the familiar start-up smokey smell of the beginnings of the fire. All of that ….. and then there’s the delicious meat.

SA Pork Heritage Recipes

It doesn’t matter if we decided to stay the way we were original, as native omnivores, eating meat, birds and plants, whatever is available, affordable or desired.  

Even those who are dipping into the trendy movement of being flexitarians, eating a bit of this and a bit of that, depending on the situation or the people present, or both. 

It’s fashionable to sometimes eat just plants and no animal protein, other times sort-of-everything-except-gluten or dairy, and sometimes we go all out for prof Noakes’ banting and keto with loads of delicious, flavourful meat and drippings of savoury meat juices. 

Whilst moderation is probably the often-forgotten secret password to good health, firing up the braai and grilling our favourite cuts remain carved in our collective national list of desires.

This month – let’s braai! Let’s shake off the mood of winter and worry, and celebrate the food that makes us who we are!

Think about the luxurious and lip-smacking taste of sticky pork loin ribs. It’s eat-with-your-hand stuff. So be proud of the sauce on your cheeks and your chin.  Then there are succulent pork neck steaks, not a best-kept secret anymore, with their tender texture and juicy mouthfeel.  All you have to do is ask your butcher to cut these for you from the pork neck. He’ll understand. 

Pork loin chops, rave-worthy crispy rashers and perfectly braaied, traditionally spiced boerewors. Add to that the incredibly affordable pork Texan steaks, and everyone can braai. 

That’s what makes September so special.   

And that’s what reminds us how lucky we are to be South Africans.

Fire up the braai!

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