Viva la Valentine

The month of love’s inspiring! For Valentine’s, we’re often full of wishful thinking, naughty smiles and last, but not least, a little zap of guilt that nags: I should be doing something for the day that’s always filled with red ribbons, teddy bears and trinkets.
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13 February 2022
Some plans are made in fantasyland and in practical terms end up as frantic calls for table reservations at restaurants. A slight problem, this year, as Valentine’s Day is on a Monday. Unless the eateries adjust themselves to be forthright for the eager love bird celebrations. But we can do something different this year!
Pork Recipes valentines day

Pork Recipes valentines day

Think out of the old box and into the food box. 

Surprise the most-loved person with a gift that counts more than overpriced menus or gifts that smack of money. 

Feed them with the food of love.  

Pack a basket or a box with tasty, delicious things that are easy to eat. 

Make a meatloaf (or a really special terrine) or buy a selection of savoury and sweet treats at the deli or supermarket. Variety is the spice of life. 

What's more romantic than making your own chocolate-covered strawberries at home with hot melted fondue?

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Pack different kinds of sliced hams and salami. Add some cheeses, small tomatoes, olives and chocolates. Don’t forget the drinks. Add fresh juices, cold wine, frothy beer or festive bubbles to make the soul smile. 

If you can’t do a picnic in the garden or anywhere outdoors, take it inside. Spread a pretty cloth on the table or the floor. Adventure = excitement. 

On this day, we can skip whatever’s boring and predictable. 

And if deli-food or charcuterie is not your thing, just add home-cooked food that’s prepared with love. Simple, yet tasty. It’s about the language of love which says: This is from me to you, I love you.    

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