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Beer glazed pork belly strips

Beer glazed roasted pork belly strips (or ribs)

This scrumptious Beer glazed roast pork belly strips (or ribs) recipe will make your weekend Braai a hit!

Braaibroodjies with pulled pork

Oozing with melty cheese and rich meaty flavour….. braai these pulled pork toasted sarmies or “braaibroodjies” for the most budget-friendly, tasty option you can imagine.
Pork chop roosterkoek

Mzansi pork chops with sweet potato roosterkoek

Succulent and tender, thick pork chops, marinated and braaied to perfection. Surprise and stun your guests by serving these chops with hot-of-the-coals sweet potato roosterkoek buns.
Pork Rashers SA Pork

Crunchy Braaied Pork Rashers with Stiff Pap

Crunchy, crackly, crisp pork rashers on the braai, with our quick and easy next-level stiff pap as the perfect accompaniment. Make sure you have enough for seconds …
Kota Recipe SA Pork

Meat lovers’ quick & delicious kota

When you have that kota craving, make it your masterpiece with juicy pork bangers, onions and tomatoes. You’ll never go back to old-school boring fillings, we promise!
Pork Belly SA Pork

Sticky pork belly bites

This recipe combines two cooking methods to create the most divine flavour. Choose a piece of pork belly that has more meat than fat and pop in at your local Asian grocer for some Chinese BBQ sauce – we used char siu sauce.
SA Pork Recipe

Pork loin with feta and mushroom stuffing and tomato rice

This lean, tender cut is perfect with a rich stuffing. Cook it with care to retain its succulent flavour – and the crispy crackling is always a winner!
SA Pork Spare Ribs

Catemba spare ribs

The basting sauce combines two firm favourites: Coca-Cola and red wine.
sa pork, pork, pie

Citrus-marinated roasted pork shoulder with orange, fennel & chilli

A boneless pork shoulder will roast evenly and it’s easy to carve; serve thin slices with lots of gravy and prepare to rake in the compliments!
Bobotie Pork

Bobotie pork pot pies

Buttery pastry is filled with tender pork mince spiced with sweet and aromatic Malay-style curry spice.

Pork Ragù with pappardelle

A meat ragù is one of those dishes that takes time to prepare but the result is so worth it. This is basically love in a bowl.
SA Pork Recipe

Bacon Relish

Bacon relish is probably the best relish for any Burger or Hotdog. Cooked in about 20 minutes it will send your taste buds into meltdown.
SA Pork Recipe-207

Gammon glazed with Nectarine, Honey & Ginger

Christmas is not Christmas without a gammon, but its too good to have it only for Christmas! Here is a recipe for any occasion!
SA Pork Recipe-146

Caramel Pork Belly On Sesame Samp

This delicious, sticky pork dish is great served over rice, noodles, in boa buns or any other starch you have on hand.
SA Pork Recipe-208

The perfect pan-fried Pork Chops

Whether pan-fried, oven-baked or grilled, pork chops are sure to impress any dinner guest—even the kids.
SA Pork Recipe-194

Slow-Roast Pork Neck Chops with Sage and Apple

The easiest, no-fuss, most amazing pork chops ever, made in 20 min from start to finish. You can’t beat that!
SA Pork Recipe-147

Pork Cubes In A Mild Summer Curry

Pork neck cubes is so versatile and ideal for this special dish. You can make the curry paste in advance and keep it in the fridge for a few weeks.
SA Pork Recipe-233

Pork Bobotie

Bobotie is comfort food at its best, but its also a delicious, welcoming dish to serve to guests.
SA Pork Recipe-056

Pork Wellington

Pork Wellington is the kind of homemade dinner recipe that will impress!
SA Pork Recipe-206

Pork Leg Roast with Roast Potatoes and Green Beans

Nothing says Sunday afternoon like a pork roast with golden crackling. This one is a winner served with simple oven roast veggies and green beans.
SA Pork Recipe-199

Scrumptious Pulled Pork Braai Broodjies

A delicious twist on a South African classic! Serve with a chips or salad, regardless these pulled pork braai broodjies will leave you wanting more.
SA Pork Recipe-201

Budget friendly pork & veg

Everyday, affordable veggies make this a great value-for-money dish, or dress it up with our hot tips when you entertain
SA Pork Recipe-213

Pork roast with Mozzarella and Prunes

An elegant, dinner party dish
SA Pork Recipe-037

Barbeque Rashers

Nothing beats this on the braai
SA Pork Recipe-221

Winter Stew with White Wine

An old favourite, this recipe never fails to please
SA Pork Recipe-223

Summer Salad with Pan-fried Pork

A delicious, low-fat light meals for the health conscious
wok, stir-fry, asian, quick, steam, noodle, rice, smoke,

Sweet and Sour Pork Nuggets

Everyone loves these Asian-inspired tasty bites.
SA Pork Recipe-224

Tomato Friccadels

Nothing beats well-made, savoury meatballs, like these ones
SA Pork Recipe-047

Berry glazed gammon with bacon brusells sprouts

A delicious, festive dish to impress any food lover.
SA Pork Recipe-200

Budget Beater Pork Shanks

A flavourful, low-budget favourite.
SA Pork Recipe-225

Deboned and stuffed rolled pork loin roast with roast potatoes

This stunning recipe will have you coming back for more time and time again
SA Pork Recipe-204

Glazed Roast Loin of Pork with Baby Vegetables

An impressive dinner party dish
SA Pork Recipe-227

Tasty Pork and Potato Stew

Satisfying comfort food, that is good for everyone in the family and easy to prepare
SA Pork Recipe-205

Golden Roast Leg of Pork

A trusted, easy, no-fail recipe
SA Pork Recipe-231

Miso, honey and ginger glazed gammon

This glaze is the perfect finish on top of the smokey, flavourful festive centrepiece. Christmas is not Christmas without a gammon, but its too good to have it only for Christmas!
SA Pork Recipe-218

Pork Tagine with Artichoke Hearts

A clay oven dish ensures a fragrantly spiced end result
SA Pork Recipe-220

Finger-licking Belly Strips

Tasty, sticky and irresistible!
SA Pork Recipe-210

Lemon and Mustard Pork Chops

Quick and easy, a trusted weeknight meal.
SA Pork Recipe-209

Asian Pork and Prawns

A quick, easy and favourite Asian dish.
SA Pork Recipe-214

Creamy Durban Pork curry

A satisfying, comfort food curry
SA Pork Recipe-203

Pork Neck Steak Sliders with Crispy Onion Rings

Pork neck steaks are juicy and full of flavour, here we make them into tasty sliders topped with a chunky green apple and herb salsa.
SA Pork Recipe-188

Frikadelles with sweet and spicy dipping sauce

The humble meatball, or frikadelle as they are known in SA, are a much loved classic. These pork mince frikadelles are juicy and delicious.

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